Welcome to ServElder

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." - Mark Twain

What a beautiful thought! Old age should be a period of one’s life where there are no worries, a sense of freedom and a will to explore more. Even though the ‘beyond-control’ conditions like physical strength are not so satisfactory, the environment should be full of vibrance, laughter, care and positivity. This is where ServElder’s services come in.

At ServElder, we specialize in offering comfort andcare to the elderly. With proven services, such as 24x7 Live-in Caregiver, Nursing Care, Physiotherapy, CustomizedCare Programs, Diet and Nutrition Plans, we are proud to be able to bring smiles to thousands of faces all over the country.

Our History

With the zeal to make a difference in the lives of elderly, ServElder came into being in 2019. Since the time of inception, our team of experienced and well-trained professionals are committed to help the elderly with everything they need. With us, your elders are in safe hands.

Our well-trained professionals provide medical assistance and care with utmost respect, integrity, patience and compassion to ensure that the elders feel comfortable at all times.

Our Vision

We strive to serve the elderly in every possible way in all parts of the country. The desire to make our services in elderly care and attention available to each and every person in the country, no matter where he or she is located, is what drives us to reach new milestones. We continuously engage in research to expand our services, such that we can cater to different needs of the elderly.

Our Mission

We live by the mission to improve the quality of life of the aging population. The entire team at the ServElder is committed to achieve excellence in elderly care and attention, and is qualified and certified to provide medical assistance to the elderly. The team regularly participates in skill development and health training programs organized by the Government to keep their skills and knowledge on medical care updated.

Our Success

Our success speaks due to the elderly people, staff members, and every single person working at the ServElder. The stakeholders are also a big part of contributing to the success of ServElder.

We Specialize in providing the following Services:

  • • Personal Home Care Assistance
  • • Nursing Care
  • • Critical Care
  • • Baby Care
  • • Physiotherapist
  • • Covid Care