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All about Anxiety Disorders and Depression among the Elderly


It is normal to feel anxious when faced with gruesome situations once in a while. However, anxiety disorders involve frequent episodes of extreme anxiety with increasing intensity in everyday situations. It often results in panic attacks that include shortness of breath but doesn’t engage any danger and usually lasts for prolonged periods resulting in clinical depression.


 Symptoms pertaining to anxiety disorders and depression among the elderly may be evident from the onset of a chronic illness, disease, or loneliness. Anxiety disorders can be treated with the assistance of a psychologist, or a professional aide can be employed under the ElderCare program launched by ServElder.


A major proportion of the elderly suffer from anxiety disorders and depression, but only a few receive careful treatment. Often the symptoms seen in the elderly are confused with the myriad physiological disorders that they might suffer from. Therefore, diligent companionship can be utilized to treat their condition with a rather sensitive approach. ElderCare assists you take care of your loved ones, which employ a professional staff with the most considerate methodology.


You can have one or a combination of anxiety disorders. If symptoms are prevalent and prolonged, consultation with a psychiatrist is imperative for a thorough medical treatment.


Common symptoms relevant to anxiety disorders or depression include-


  • Gastrointestinal issues

  • Hyperventilation

  • Palpitations

  • Experiencing feelings of restlessness or tension

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Insomnia

  • Trembling or sweating

  • Trouble concentrating


You can also see a doctor if these symptoms are increasingly interfering with your daily life or a post-trauma is upsetting you. You must seek immediate medical attention if you have suicidal tendencies or behaviour. The professional aide from ElderCare nurtures patients with compassion and kindness inducing healing in a healthier manner.


It is difficult to deal with a horrific trauma alone, and there is no shame in admitting that you need help. Consult a doctor or an ElderCare nurse and see the kind of wonders therapeutic sessions will do.


Anxiety disorders are usually caused by some traumatic event an individual has endured, which comes crashing back in adulthood in the form of an anxiety disorder. It can also occur due to stress accompanied by a prolonged illness among the elderly. The behaviour of extreme alcoholism and substance abuse can also result in major anxiety disorders followed by treatment through a rehabilitation center. 


We have enlisted for you a few ways to ensure prevention from anxiety disorders and depression.


  • It can be prevented by leading a simple and healthy life.

  • A good diet, communication, and exercise can render your mind free from all kinds of stress and worries.

  • You can also pick up a hobby and devote your time to self-introspection and ways to achieve happiness.

As the world is getting busier driven by technology, people are getting lonelier, deserted, and anxiety disorders have become more prevalent. Ultimately, it is companionship one seeks instead of dealing with everything alone, and ElderCare can render just the kind of assistance you require.


You can always contact ServElder and garner further information about anxiety disorder, depression, and their causes from an expert.