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How to keep the elderly mentally healthy?


In India, life expectancy has increased from 49.7 years in 1970-75 to 68.7 years in 2012-16, as per the National Health Profile 2019. We are witnessing a surge in the rising population. While this is a good news, enabling the younger generation to spend more time with the elders in the family, the development is bringing with it a few concerns. Health issues remain the primary concern with the elderlies. The early infusion of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases add to the problems. With age, the body loses its vitality, making it prone to regular health issues. While advances in medical science are enabling us to fight the physical conditions, the changing lifestyle scenario is bringing out a larger cause of concern- the mental health of the senior citizens.


In most families, with both the partners working and thus staying out of the home most of the time, more and more elders are succumbing to loneliness, depression and anxiety. With limited movement abilities, most of them remain confined to their homes and this creates a more lonely environment. While there's no solution that can fit all, here are a few tips that can help everyone handle the situation better: Take out some time for the elders in the family Agreed that we are living a fast paced life and time is a huge constraint these days. But try to take out some time from your schedule to have little chats with the elderly at home. You are likely to not agree with many of their ideas but let the conversations flow. A good talk with the close ones can really boost their mental and physical health. Encourage them to have friends With age, the elderly may feel reluctant to move out. But the more they will spend time only with themselves the more lonely and depressed they are likely to feel. Encourage them to go for walks in nearby parks, join some local association etc. These avenues could help them make new friends and have healthy discussions, thus improving their mental and physical health. Help them start a hobby Since ages, hobbies have been helping people to create their own beautiful space of happiness, serenity and comfort . With growing age, we get up so tied in daily routine that we often ignore our passion. Old age could be an excellent time to pick up from where they left. Interact with them to understand where their passion lies and help them follow that again. An creative pursuit is an excellent way to stay mentally happy. Don't let them skip exercising Regular exercising is not only good for the physical health of the elderly but it also boosts their mental health. A fit body makes them stress less, smile more, think more positively and this naturally boosts their mental well-being. Exercising helps in relieving chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. A healthier body makes them feel more comfortable and gives them more positive energy. Eating healthy is a must A balanced diet has a direct connection with physical health and positivity. While the senior citizens must be allowed to give in to their cravings once in a while, fill their diet with lot of fruits and healthy snacks. A good diet will make them feel more energetic. Looking good With age the desire to look good may diminish. Appearance doesn't matter for most of the elderlies. Encourage them to pay attention to their appearance. When we look good, our confidence and happiness quotient rise. Help them get a makeover! The elderlies often feel lost in the humdrum of our daily lives. Hold their hand at this crucial juncture of their lives and help them to lead a fuller life. And, where you need our help we are there. The satisfaction you will achieve in the process will be unmatched!