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Need for Home Healthcare in India


India is an emerging economy and with the population rising and medical inflation expected to surge, it is understandable that more people will be at risk to get diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Hence, it has become very important that there is a proper health care system which ensures that an individual does not have to worry about taking care of the medical expenses as a proper health scheme should be in place. A chunk of the population is also below the poverty line due to which access to a proper healthcare system is a problem. Hence, it has become even more important to have a proper preventive healthcare system in India.

As families all over the world become increasingly nuclear, taking care of the health of each member of the family becomes difficult. Indeed, it is difficult for working members of the family to manage their occupational needs and the health requirements of the family at the same time. From child birth to postoperative care to general illnesses, they all require medical attention as well as personal care.

Being the second most populated country in the world, the requirement for medical attention and services will keep growing in India. It would be foolish to expect that roads would be widened enough to prevent traffic jams or getting to visit a queue-free hospital billing counter will be possible in the near future. Keeping these aspects in mind it is safe to say that the need for home healthcare will increase in the coming years. It has been seen that the number of senior citizens will increase three times in the next thirty years. This will require more in situ medical attention and care than what is needed today. Also, the increasing number of people suffering from chronic diseases including cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease and others will be benefitted immensely from this module of healthcare service and lead a more self-reliant, independent and dignified life.